welcome BMR!

I am honored to announce, with the help from Kelly Aiken, that BMR Suspension has joined my program for the 2019 season!! BMR leads the way in the Coyote Mustang arena with their extensive line of S197 and S550 Mustang chassis and suspension components. But, what about us Fox Body Swaps? Well they have come through with all new suspension for the Fox Body chassis including this incredibly strong and well designed K member! This K-Member is one of a few they are about to release, it is a 20lb tubular lightweight piece designed for coilovers. To go along with that we are using their adjustable lightweight A-Arms that save 12lbs and also allow for adjustment of up to 1” shorter than stock. We chose to complete the swap to BMR with their extremely nice and lightweight rear suspension pieces. Their rear upper arms are designed with the ultimate racer in mind being very strong and functional with tons of adjustment. For the rear Lower arms, we were lucky enough to score the very first set of their new chrome-moly spring perch dual rod-end sets. This LCA design prevents binding that can be found in other “drag style” rear lower arms on the market that have a “solid” rear axle side bushing. The dual rod-end makes for easy adjustment, less bind and will hold up better under extreme abuse as there will be no fatigue loads to the rear arm body that promotes premature failure. I am very excited for today’s news and most excited to work with a suspension company that will be proud of all the hard work and success this car has achieved in such a short amount of time!

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