nmra season opener

Well picking up where we left off… we headed into the season opener in March feeling pretty prepared. We had several test sessions prior to the spring break shootout and it paid off.

The car ran awesome. We were qualified number 2 and made it all the way to the finals.

A little back story from last season…we held the record with a 8.57@160mph and took a huge lead trophy after that record setting pass, an additional 150lbs were added to my combo. Over the winter, the tech department decided that they needed to slow us down. They revised the rules to allow two pulley combinations. Each combo took boost away from us slowing us down, so we went with the smaller of the two pulley combos and kept the extra weight on the car. Feel free to read the limited street rules on the nmradigital.com website to see what exactly I am talking about.

Back to the main topic. Since the rule revision changes took place for the new season, we lost our 60ft. Leaving on less boost is hurting us. even with a crummy 60ft, the car was still running pretty strong but when we met our match in the finals, it just was not enough. It was a hell of a race though! His 8.841 to my 8.844. Talk about some close and fun racing! It was the start to a great season….

photo credit – front street media

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