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Where to start with this race…well to sum it up, it was a nightmare. Let me back up a little, it did not start as a nightmare. We were pretty prepared for this race, or so we thought. Actually, I learned a valuable lesson – one is never actually prepared for a race event ever.

We made some changes on the car after the season opener. We went testing and hell, we were super happy with the results! I was pumped and felt like the NMRA ATL race was ours to win. We also put some new shoes on the car – a custom set of blacked out Bogarts and some fresh M/T tires. I was really happy with how the car was coming around and the look she was starting to take on.

We roll into Atlanta and made a pretty decent pass off the trailer. We were sitting number two qualifier after second round of qualifying. We had a new converter we wanted to try to see if we could get our 60ft to improve. after q2 we dropped the trans, swapped the converter, and was all done and ready for q3 just in time. I rolled into the burnout box for q3, everything seemed fine. After the burn out the car kept stalling out. After several attempts to get the car to stay started I was successful. However, I go to stage the car and BAM, no transbrake. The damn thing just rolled right through the beams. That’s where the trouble started. This happened one time prior in testing but we chalked it up to it being something else. We knew now, our “something else” was not what we thought it was. We had some issue going on and we worked frantically through the night to try and fix the issue. Not only did we have transmission issues, but we had some sort of electrical issue that we could not pin point. after working hours into the wee morning, we decided to call it a night and try to get some sleep and back at it in the morning.

after a few hours of sleep, we got up and went right back to working on the car. We literally were just trying anything at this point to try and figure out what the heck was going on. We were all left scratching our heads and said, “well we have to try and run it like it is…what else are we going to do?” When they called us for e1, more issues came about. the pro jack decided to blow a seal, causing fluid to spill everywhere and the rv motor started pouring smoke out of the engine compartment. E1 was an embarrassment. We had a competition broke bye and all I had to do was stage the car and wait until the light turned green. But no, I went up there not thinking this car was broken and did the same routine I do every single time. That car just rolled right through the beams before the tree was even activated. When they told me to back up and I could not, we knew something serious was going on with this car now. We were just thankful our weekend was over, it was a total nightmare and truly pushed us to our limits.

photo credit – nmra

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