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somewhere in mexico

This post is far from the ordinary post I usually make...and it has nothing to do with my NMRA Limited Street car (shocker)! Chris has been a long time friend of mine and after seeing how much fun he has racing the no prep/no time has the wheels turning in my head! Perhaps my... Continue Reading →

episode two

Episode two of our YouTube Series! If you watched episode one, you are aware that for the 2019 NMRA race season we teamed up with Palm Beach Dyno to bring you an insight on what it takes to run for a championship. This episode shows the high and lows of drag racing. This was a... Continue Reading →

nmra gateway

This past weekend was the inaugural NMRA Gateway Rumble event in Madison, IL. Many racers were excited for this event because this location is where the famous World Ford Challenge use to take place. This was my first time racing at this location and I have to say, I liked the establishment. The events leading... Continue Reading →

t-shirt time!

You read that right....its T-SHIRT TIME!! (say that in your best Jersey Shore voice). It has been a long time coming, many have asked when I would have t-shirts of the car made...well, the time is now! Salvato Designs nailed it on the head with their amazing design of the Run PBD limited edition shirts... Continue Reading →

welcome BMR!

I am honored to announce, with the help from Kelly Aiken, that BMR Suspension has joined my program for the 2019 season!! BMR leads the way in the Coyote Mustang arena with their extensive line of S197 and S550 Mustang chassis and suspension components. But, what about us Fox Body Swaps? Well they have come through with... Continue Reading →

episode one

This season we decided to do a YouTube series, hosted by Palm Beach Dyno, to bring you a little insight on what it takes to run a NMRA limited street car and the chase for a championship. Between each race and during each race, we hope to capture enough footage to bring you episodes throughout... Continue Reading →

nmra atl

Where to start with this race...well to sum it up, it was a nightmare. Let me back up a little, it did not start as a nightmare. We were pretty prepared for this race, or so we thought. Actually, I learned a valuable lesson - one is never actually prepared for a race event ever.... Continue Reading →

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